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What we offer

Covering almost 10 years in the sector we managed to establish our name among the leading firms in mechanical contracting in Cyprus, providing today engineering expertise covering all relevant disciplines of HVAC, Fuelling systems, Gas Installations, Pumping stations, Fire fighting Installations and Computer site preparation.


Our services are many and varied, ranging from mechanical design, installation and maintenance to computerized controls, remote monitoring and software.


Well established now for over a decade we gain the trust of the most important suppliers achieving competitive prices on highest quality HVAC equipment which directly acts beneficially to the customer.


Through our relationship with various manufacturers and suppliers our customers can be left assured that we make use of technical bulletins and training sessions worldwide to maximize reliability and efficiency of that equipment.


No matter the quality of the machine, proper maintenance is the key parameter for proper operation, efficiency maximisation and operation costs reduction for every kind of equipment. Apart from mechanical installation, our company operates successfully on that field with a variety of maintenance contracts ranging from small residences up to luxury hotels and governmental projects.

How We Operate

Every project is unique for us no matter the scale. Detailed proper design and discussion with our collaborators is a predecessor to start every project. On side, highly skilled and trained workforce of refrigeration plumbers, pipe fitters welders and field supervisors


With many years of experience are capable of completing complex projects on time and within budget under the guidance of mechanical and energy engineers with project managing background and multi-year experience. From the bottom line employee to the senior engineer the knowledge expansion and training sessions to the latest technological developments has no end.

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